Physical exam for entrance into the Army National Guard

It was 5 a.m. and I was on the way to take the physical exam for entrance into the Army National Guard. My recruiter looked at his watch as we pulled up to the large downtown office building. “We’d better hurry,” he said as we headed for the door. We went into the building and took the elevator to the eighth floor. On the eighth floor we walked to a set of doors with “Military Medical Exams” stenciled on it. “Here we go,” said my recruiter. “I will sign you in and they will call me when it’s time to pick you up.” I looked around at what looked like a big waiting room. “Cool,” I told him.

We went to a desk at the end of the room and signed in a book. The guy behind the counter handed me a sticker, told me to put it on my shirt, head through the door on the left and down the hall to the briefing room. I did what he told me to do. I walked into a big room where there were a few people sitting at desks like we had at high school. A large heavyset lady wearing a nurse’s uniform was in the front of the room and she told me to take a seat. We waited in silence until a young lady came in and took a seat as instructed by our large friend. The nurse grabbed a phone on the wall and told someone that she was ready. She passed out folders to all of us. Two other ladies in nurse’s outfits came in the door. “OK,” the large lady said. “I am Nurse Holman, these are Nurse Schmitt and Nurse Gamins. Today we are going to get you all through the military entrance exam. Go through the forms in the folder and fill in your name and social security number on each form.” I went through all the forms and filled in the information.

“Now take your medical history form and fill it out.”

I started on the history form and answered all the questions without a problem. A few very personal ones were on the form as well. “Good,” said Nurse Holman. She walked around and organized all our forms.

Then the other heavyset nurse passed out one more form. “OK,” Nurse Holman said. “This form says that all of you are here for the Military Entrance Exam. By signing it, you agree to take a physical exam for entrance into the military. Today you will be examined by two doctors; that will include a rectal exam. Gentlemen, you will have one of us nurses as a chaperone while you see Dr. Myers, and ladies, we will chaperone you when you see Dr. Applebee.” We signed the forms and the nurse collected them. I did not like the sound of a rectal exam. The nicest looking nurse told the ladies to follow her and they would begin. The three women left the room following the nurse. The other heavyset nurse told five of the guys in the room to follow her. I was left with four others and Nurse Holman. “All right guys, let’s go,” said Nurse Holman. We were led to an eye exam and hearing exam. We saw the other groups in the hallways as we went from room to room. The other guys and I were pretty quiet as we waited for each of the exams. “OK, next I will need a urine sample,” said Nurse Holman as we went over to a door marked “Urinalysis”. The first guy went in, then a few minutes later he came out. I went in, and Nurse Holman was standing next to a table. She took my folder and handed me a plastic bottle. “Step over to the urinal and fill the bottle at least 2/3 full.” “OK, no problem,” I thought. I stepped over to the urinal and started to unzip. Before I went, I looked over to see Nurse Holman looking on. She calmly said, “I have to watch you provide the sample.”

It took forever to get going with my audience. Finally, I got it going and slowly filled the bottle; then I switched out to finish in the urinal. I handed the bottle to Nurse Holman, who had latex gloves on. She put a label on the bottle and made some notes on one of the forms in my folder. She told me to take a seat outside and send the next guy in. I went out and sat next to the first guy who went in. He said, “Man, that sucked, having an audience like that.” I agreed with him and we talked about the high schools we went to. After a while, everyone had gone in and we were off to get blood drawn. Our next stop was to a room labeled “Pre Exam” and “Range of Motion”. The other group of guys was already in waiting for us. “OK,” Nurse Holman said as she took a seat at a table at the front of the room. We took a seat along the wall on a bench. “All right guys, bring your folders up and set them on the table.” she said.

The other nurse went out the door that we came in. There was another door on the other side of the room labeled “Prep Room”. There was a scale on the right of the table and a small partition that filled the corner on the left side. “All right guys, strip down to your under shorts.” Nurse Holman said.

An older man in a doctor’s coat came into the room with the other nurse. The two sat at the table with Nurse Holman. We got undressed and I soon wished that I had worn boxers for a bit of added coverage. Once we were undressed, we all had to line up facing the table. We walked to the table and turned around and then did various types of movements such as walk on our toes, walk on our heels, and rotate our arms. The doctor then left and the other heavyset nurse told us to line up in front of the scale. I was behind one other guy, and as he got on the scale, the nurse noted his weight and height. Then she handed him his folder and told him to go see Nurse Holman over behind the partition. I was next up on the scale and my height and weight were written down on my chart. I headed over to the partition just as the first guy was walking back to his clothes. He had a funny look on his face. I went around the side of the partition and Nurse Holman was sitting on a small stool next to a little table. She grabbed my folder and told me to drop my underwear to my knees and stand in front of her. As I slowly slid my underwear down to my knees, I watched as Nurse Holman pulled a pair of latex gloves over her chubby fingers. She adjusted her fingers in the gloves as she told me to stand with my feet shoulder width apart. I adjusted my feet as I felt her latex encased hand grab hold of my testicles. It caught me off guard to have her feeling my nuts. She released her grip and then turned her attention to my folder where she made some notes. “OK, one more check,” she said as she picked up what looked like a toothpaste tube. She told me to turn around and face the wall. “Oh, no,” I thought. This couldn’t be what I think it is.

“Bend forward and spread your cheeks,” she said. I watched as she put a glob of gel onto her finger. She repeated herself. “Turn around and bend forward and spread your cheeks.”

I slowly complied with the directions. Once I was in the required position, she told me to count to three. I began, “One, two,” and I felt the cold gel on my rectum. “Three,” and then I felt the large finger go into my butt. I took a small step forward and groaned a bit as the massive latex covered intruder forced its way in. Then she pulled it out to my relief. Next there was the soft wipe of a Kleenex on my rear. “Pull your underwear up,” she said. I heard the sound of latex gloves coming off. I quickly complied and turned around to face my attacker. She sat noting items on my chart. She handed me the folder and told me to have a seat by the prep room door. I walked out and saw the first guy getting dressed and heading out the main door. I wondered what was going on. The next guy to be violated started to get dressed and I asked him, “What did she tell you?” He looked over and said that he was supposed to get dressed and wait for Dr Applebee.

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